Monday, 9 June 2014

WAMM With A Polish Addict

Greetings All!

Thanks to Rainbow Collection I have a growing collection of indie polish brands I had never encountered before! It's lovely to discover a whole new range of polishes, although I'm always a little disappointed that it took me so long to find out about them (sometimes I feel like I know nothing about polish!).

Polish Addict Nail Color is one of those brands. A few months ago it was unknown to me. Now I have a cute little collection of ten! Turns out I'm quite a fan of their bright colours and liberal use of glitter. I didn't really notice my collection building up, but they just keep falling into my basket.

I've already blogged about Banana Colada as a work-appropriate polish, and today I have something even prettier, and even more appropriate for work!

This is three coats of The White Queen, The Red Queen.

A light, beigey nude with teeny red glitter, golden shimmer and a pinch of gold holo sparkle. I'm in love! It's soft, and quiet, and so, so pretty. It's been on my nails since Saturday, and I'm not even tempted to take it off yet.

These are my new, even shorter nails by the way. I'm not really a fan - I keep repeating my new mantra 'the shorter the nail, the larger the choice of stamping plate'.

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  1. I love this polish. It's gorgeous!

    My nails are short again and I agree, stamping plates are much easier with shorter nails. As is changing the song on the ipod :)


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