Tuesday, 3 June 2014

TarasTalons Theme My Talons - Dexter Swatches

Greetings All!

Last month I showed you the contents of May's Theme My Talons box. I promised swatches 'soon'. Cut to three weeks later! I'm so behind that the June box is already available on Tara's Etsy and website (and it is amazing). They're available as a subscription, or as a one off treat, and they're filled with polish and nail art bits, all set round a theme.

Today I have swatches of the Dexter themed polishes. Unfortunately I only have three out of the four - my camera really doesn't get on well with Tara's holo polishes. At all. Even pictures I took in sunlight didn't show any holo, which is disappointing. I do keep meaning to get a better camera (my one is rubbish at everything - it can't handle holo, red, purple, some greens, it's temperamental with lighting), but basically each month I have to choose - new camera, or more polish. Guess which one wins!

On to the swatches.

Trophy Case was my instant favourite, because it's glitter in a nude base! This is 2 coats over OPI Don't P My B (of course).

I love this. That's not surprising, but it's still true! There is something slightly...sinister about it.

Miami beach looked absolutely gorgeous in the bottle, and even more so on the nail! This is 2 coats over OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui.

So much sparkle! Gold and blue always look pretty great together, and I love the combination of holo hexes and holo sparkle.

Finally, Splatter. In another great example of why my camera sucks, this is far less orange in real life. Three coats solo.

Juicy red jelly with all kinds of red glitter. Again, not a surprise that I love this.

There are still a couple of Dexter boxes left on Etsy and TarasTalons, as well as this month's box, Little Tara Loved (themed around things Tara loved as a child!). Remember, you can use the code SpecialGirlNails to get 15% off at both of those fine establishments!

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