Friday, 6 June 2014

Nails Inc Sao Paulo Streets, Plus Stamping, And A New Nail Length!

Greetings All!

I've been threatening it for a while, and here they are - my new 'short' nails. Well, I did consider them short until yesterday, when I broke one at work. So now my actual nails are even shorter than this *sigh*. It just had to happen!

The Nails Inc polishes that came free with Instyle magazine have already been all over the blogosphere (the British bit at least!). I was a little late to the party, mostly because I'm not really a Nails Inc fan. However they had one copy left when I was out shopping, and it was the shade I liked. I took that as fate, so bought it!

The shade is Sao Paulo Streets, which I initially thought would make a good work-appropriate polish. It is a little bit more colourful than the nudes I normally wear though - in different lights it looked pink, lilac and grey. I also found it a bit too much on it's own - even on my shorter nails, it seemed like a massive, sprawling canvas just crying out for a bit of stamping!

I chose Seventeen Smoke Signal to stamp with, as I thought black would look too harsh. It stamped horribly though! I have used it before successfully, the excuse I'm going to go with is that it dries quite slowly, and the plate I used (MoYou London Pro XL 12) is quite deeply etched, so I think it was too thick a layer. That sounds like a legitimate excuse! It almost works though.

Do you have any brands that you just can't love for some reason?

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