Tuesday, 1 April 2014

UK Indies - My Top 10 TarasTalons

Greetings All!

Today is a bit of a milestone day. This is my 500th post, and yesterday I reached 200 followers on both GFC and Bloglovin!

The main event, however, is TarasTalons. Tara started selling polish one year ago today! It was the first UK indie polish brand I was ever aware of, and I remember being very excited to try them. Twelve months on and TheTaraEmporium is just that, an emporium!

Tara has such love and passion for polish, and that really comes across in every collection she releases (which is practically every week!). I don't know how she has enough time, patience and effort to create everything she does, let alone do anything else, but she really does amazing work! My TarasTalons collection dwarfs all my other brands, including OPI, Sally Hansen, and Barry M. I haven't done a proper count yet, as I have some that are untried (and some more on the way!), but it's around the 150 mark. I think this reflects the variety, and sheer number of her polishes!

Tara has also expanded into nail art items, hand and nail care, and more recently jewellery, other beauty items, and even clothing (hence the name change from TarasTalons to TheTaraEmporium). This time next year I fully expect her to have taken over the world

Today I'm celebrating one year of TaraTalons polish by sharing my top 10. Well, sort of. I very quickly picked my top 5 or 6, but the last few were a bit more difficult to choose between, so its really my top 5 or 6 TarasTalons, plus some others I really like, but that's a little wordy as a title!

This post is a bit picture heavy, so I'll get straight on with my number 1 polish!

1. Coffin Fodder, 1 coat over black. This is from one of Tara's many Halloween collections last year, and I got to name it myself (after a Cradle of Filth song)! Red glitter in a black base - my polish perfection! It also looks rather stunning matte.

2. Killer Clown, 2 coats over Essie Waltz.

A rainbow of shards in a white base, another Halloween polish, and another perfect one! I originally bought this in a 5ml bottle, but I eventually had to buy it in full size too. I love shards, and these are a beautiful rainbow of pointiness!

3. Chocolates, 2 coats solo.

A dark chocolate brown base with golden glitter. This is one of her earlier polishes, but it's remained a favourite. It looks good enough to eat!

4. BAU, 3 coats over Essie Waltz.

Clean, fresh blue and white glitter in a delicate white crelly base. Very simple, but very beautiful, and the white base is still one of the best crellies I've used.

5. Haunted House, 1 coat over black.

I wasn't able to capture anywhere near the amount of rainbow sparkle in this sheer black base, but it's dazzling! Another Halloween polish too (3 in the top 5 - no surprises there!).

6. Dream Time, 2 coats over Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue.

Moons and stars! A shimmery night sky scene that almost glows. Beyond pretty.

7. Raise A Glass, 2 coats over black.

Gold flakes. I can't believe I made it so far in life without a gold flake topper!

8. Disneyland, 2 coats over Butter London Poole.

The happiest polish on earth! I defy anyone to wear this polish and not smile when they look at it. it's an explosion of colours and shapes, and it probably deserves to be a little higher on the list!

9. Snowball Fight, 3 coats solo.

I was a little surprised how much this one grew on me. Although part of a Christmas collection, this screams Spring, and is another perfect crelly base.

10. Death Star, 2 coats over Butter London Molly Coddled.

The fourth Halloween polish in my top 10. Skull and crossbone glitter was the big glitter shape last Halloween, and I probably have enough of them to last the rest of my life. They're so cute, how could I resist?! This is probably my favourite variation, as it also has black stars and holo circles, Plenty of topcoat is needed or all of those shapes, but it's so worth it!

So, that's my top 10(ish). I could have continued to my top 20 easily, and probably beyond that! I do have a top 5 of UK indie polish brands, but I don't really want to list it, as I don't want to offend anyone, and 3 of the 5 are now closed, so it may change. However I will say that TarasTalons is definitely my number 1.

Happy Birthday TarasTalons! Here's to many more years of polish (and world domination)!

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