Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pocket Money Polishes - December Collection

*These products were provided for review*

Greetings All!

I hope you've all had a good weekend! Mine was...not great. And today I broke my favourite nail! My right thumb nail, which had only recently made a return to the blog after nursing out a few chips...gone. Now the nubbinest of nubbins, no white bit, and a little less pink bit than it had this morning! So of course I now have to file down my lovely long nails, because it looks ridiculous. Halfway through was of course the perfect time to edit pictures and discover that I wanted to redo a swatch, but I didn't want to ruin the continuity (because I'm such a professional!).

Rant over! Tomorrow is the release of the new Pocket Money Polishes Glitter Babies collection, and this collection is based around Dirty Dancing. I'm not really a fan of 'chick flicks' (I'm more of a horror girl, in more ways than one!), and I've never actually seen Dirty dancing (pause for gasps...), so it's possible I'm not the best person to geek out over these polishes. Fortunately Charlie is, and she has a lovely detailed post about the story behind each polish here.

Swatch time!

Hungry Eyes, 2 coats over OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay.

I originally wanted to pair all these glitters with soft, girly colours, but winter white has a tendency to 'melt' into whatever colour you layer it over, so I needed a darker one. I love how soft and delicate it looks, and I'm flipping out over these golden dots - they're just perfect, and I need more of them in my life!

Time Of My Life, 2 coats over Sally Hansen Buttercup.

This one is super cute. The baby blue is looking slightly green here, I think because it's over yellow. Or because my camera sucks at colour accuracy. Maybe both! Anyway, very cute, very girly, the white stars are a lovely touch (ooh shocker, she likes the stars!), and the iridescent sparkle really helps to tie it all together.

Do You Love Me?, 2 coats over Barry M Dragon Fruit.

Picture edited for better colour accuracy

This is the one I'm annoyed about. Well, I'm annoyed at myself. I literally had five pink polishes lined up at one point, I chose Dragon Fruit and everything was going fine. In real life, there was plenty of difference between the pinks. I forgot to take into consideration, however, my cameras failings with neon. I could honestly kick myself! I gave the first picture a little tweak, to show up the pink glitter a little better. 

Also, the song title makes me think of Old Gregg, who has a pink tutu, and I cannot get that out of my head now.

Plenty of holo sparkle, lots of bright, neon pink shapes, and the white hearts make it seem very innocent and feminine. I think this will be a popular one!

She's Like The Wind, 1 thin coat over OPI Planks A Lot.

This one was a surprise favourite. It didn't grab me straight away, but the colour combination is just fantastic, and it has a lovely mosaic look to it. It's a very dense glitter - this is one coat, and I did remove some glitter from the brush before polishing!

Love Man, 2 coats over Barr M Watermelon.

A very arty looking polish. Squares and white are kind of the 'theme' running through this collection, with every polish having at least one of those elements. I chose to put it over Watermelon, because the glitter is meant to represent a watermelon, and it definitely has the right pinky colour, and the little black seeds. It would work over all kinds of colours though.

This collection is released tomorrow (November 25th) at 6pm here.

Which is your favourite? Also, do you like Dirty Dancing?

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  1. I adore the pink one, and think it looks really lovely over the similar pink base you've chosen. So so pretty! x


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