Monday, 23 September 2013

Darling Diva Polish Bubble Time

Greetings All!

Yesterday Rainbow Connection opened. This is a brand new UK online shop selling international indies! With the recent postage restrictions, this really couldn't come at a better time, and not only did I snag something from my lemming list, but I got some Halloween polishes! I also grabbed a circle glitter topper, which reminded me of this little cutie!

Bubble Time is a creamy, off white base containing all kinds of circle glitter. These swatches are 2 coats over white.

I'll readily admit that I was cynical of circle glitter - unless it's large, you have to look closely to see that they aren't hexes. I'm converted now though. Circles rock!

You can buy Darling Diva Polish here and here.


  1. Wow this looks gorgeous, circle glitter is sooo in atm, love it!!!

    1. I know, and I've been totally sucked in by it! lol

  2. Man I LOVE circle glitter, this is just lovely!


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